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Some things you may want know about our little toy company. We also have listed some important information you may what know before contacting us.  

Toybuilders.com is a Division of Vicale Corporation, a product design and development company. Vicale Corporation is a “C” corporation founded in Connecticut by Emil Vicale in 1990 when Emil Vicale left his Design Director position at Habitat International in 1989.

Vicale Corporation purchased this small but unique website concept on September 20th 2001 . It was a unique website service concept but really wasn’t making any great strides in sales and was lacking direction. It was very important to me to keep the base concept the same -- to make custom toys for individuals or corporations alike using our unique 3D CAD and 3D printing technologies. The direction was clear using CAD (computer aided design) and RP (rapid prototyping) and design we can make literally anything that anyone could ever think of. But one thing had to change and that was that Toybuilders.com had to turn a profit or a least attempt to be a viable fun new economy company but with the virtues and realistic ideals that old economy corporations are based upon. I am happy to say that 3 years after we have purchased this "almost dot gone", Toybuilders.com is now a viable "dot com" here for the long haul.

Some things you may want to know when contacting us.

1)     You may want to be specific about the item you need, size, style, quantity, timeline, image if available.

2)     If you have sketches e-mail them along so we can see what you are talking about.

3)     The more information you give the more accurate we can be when we respond.

4)     Try to remember we do not know what is in your head and that in your e-mail you are making contact with someone who has never meet you or talked to you before. For instance an e-mail like “I need an action figure” does nothing to help your cause.

5)     We are here to help and in order to help you we will need to some how get your thoughts to us.

6)     Yes we can work from sketches, images, CAD files 3D files drawings really any medium that you have.

7)     If you are a digital person and are working in 3D we really do not need to know your software package we will need the file exported as an STL (industry standard) or a 3ds. When sending that file you may also want to let know that the item is lets say 6” high. Some software packages are set at a given scale and you may not have changed that scale back to your molded scale.

8)     And yes we really can make anything you can ever imagine and we are the only company in the country who will stand by this statement and make your product no matter what it is. Our technology gives us that great ability to make this statement.

9)     Items or toys made one at a time cost MUCH MORE THAN store bought products, Some one off items may take tens of thousands of dollars depending upon its complexity.

10)  Yes store bought products are inexpensive because 100’s of thousands are made at one time.

11)  Yes we can make items that are not toy related the technology is transferable.

12)  Yes we can design and develop packaging for your product.

13)  Yes we can do all your production needs either in the US or in Asia.

14)  Yes all of our initial work is done in our studio in the US and we also do the production here also. Due to some clients needing a lower price point we can also manufacture in Asia in our facility there in order to reduce costs.

15)  The best time to move from US to Asia Manufacturing is at about the 3000 unit point that is the point where all costs considered Asia will be less expensive.

16)  All development is done here in our studio using old work sculpting or manufacturing and our in House CAD and Rapid Prototyping and Casting Systems.


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