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About Us
Custom Toys, Action Figures, Digital Toys, Board Games & Plush Toys.

From 1 toy to a million we can create anything you can imagine from a sketch, image, concept or 3D digital files.
Toybuilders was started in 2000 with the dream of making custom toys. 
It Worked
Using 3D technology, rapid-prototyping has allowed us to make any product

Using your images, sketches or 3D files from any 3D program we can create any product or toy you imagine instantly.

We are are the Board Game & Plush Toy Superstore.
Custom Action Figures

Toybuilders.com pioneered the technology to make custom action figures that look just like you.  Now we can create any type of action figure from sculptures to urban vinyl to articulated figures.

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 Vicale Corporation along with Herobuilders.com and Emil Vicale Have started a Free to giveaway for families in need. So please feel free to visit Herobuilders

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